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by | Sep 17, 2021


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Regular Council Meeting- May 14th @ 6pm

Closed- May 27th

Regular Council Meeting- Jun 11th @ 6pm

Closed- Jul 4th

Regular Council Meeting- Jul 9th @ 6pm

Boat Races- Aug 10th & 11th

Regular Council Meeting- Aug 13th @ 6pm

Closed- Sept 2nd

Regular Council Meeting- Sept 10th @ 6pm

Regular Council Meeting- Oct 8th @ 6pm

Closed- Nov 11th

Regular Council Meeting- Nov 12th @ 6pm

Closed- Nov 28th and 29th

Regular Council Meeting- Dec 10th @ 6pm

Sneads Christmas Parade- Dec 14th @ 4pm

Closed- Dec 24th and 25th

















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