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George Alexander



Police & Fire


Angela Locke



Streets & Sanitation

Council President

Mike Weeks



Council Vice President

Anthony Money



Parks & Recreation


Donovan Weeks



Water & Sewer

The Town of Sneads operates under the Council- Manager form of Government. There are five council members elected at large. The elections are rotated so the members are not all elected or re-elected at once. Seats one and two share an election and the following year seats three, four and five are elected. Council persons serve two-year terms with no term limits.

Each year in May the new council members or re-elected incumbents are sworn in. At this same meeting the Town Council members nominate and elect the Council President and Vice President to preside over the next twelve months. One of the first duties of the new president is to assign each member executive responsibilities for a specific department.

Sneads Council members hire (appoint) a City Manager whose responsibilities include supervision the day-to-day operations and is the Chief Administrative Officer.

Council meetings are held each month on the second Tuesday with exceptions for Holidays and emergencies when an alternate date is selected. Information on meeting times and dates can be obtained by contacting Sneads Town Hall. Each council member receives nominal compensation for serving. Currently the members get $400 per month and the President gets $450 per month.

If you are interested in serving the Town of Sneads as a Council member you may do so by:
1. Being a resident of Sneads for at least six months immediately preceding qualification
2. Being at Least 18 years old and a registered voter
3. Completing and returning a qualification packet by the qualifying deadline

  1. Candidates that are employed need/or may need to check with their employer about running for office. It is the candidate’s responsibilities to make sure there are no rules or reasons that prohibit them from running for office

Public Participation Policy