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1894 –The Town of Sneads in Jackson County was organized on October 26, 1894. Of a total of forty-five qualified voters, thirty-seven gathered and voted. The voters chose to change the name to Sneads after Dr. Walter Robert Snead, the local dentist, in honor of his work in the area. Today the population of Sneads is about 2,000. We are in Jackson County, Northwest Florida and located on the southwest side of Lake Seminole and west side of the Apalachicola River. We have a city government that includes a five-member Council and a City Manager. We have about 25 employees, including the police department, plus another 18 volunteer firemen. We supply our citizens with utilities (water, sewer, garbage, fire, animal control and mosquito spraying).

Town Charter

Public Participation Policy

2017 Adopted Comp Plan