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VETERANS: If you have served in the military, you may be entitled to receive benefits because of your status as a Veteran. In the United States, veterans’ benefits honor those brave men and women who served our country by providing them with health care, housing, and even long-term care options. There are many resources available to vets, including some specific to elderly veterans and those in need of long-term care. But some veterans do not use them well because navigating these benefits can be confusing, especially for elderly retired veterans. This guide will explain several VA benefits, especially those that apply to seniors. It includes how to use VA benefits to pay for long-term care needs, the eligibility requirements, and the application process for benefits, so you can determine your options for using those benefits to pay for your health needs. https://www.caring.com/caregivers/veterans-benefits/

Vision and Veterans: MyVision, is a free digital resource led by expert ophthalmologists and optometrists, to provide trusted information on eye health and vision. Researchers say there are about 19 million American veterans, making up less than 10 percent of the total American adult population. Some of them came home with injuries that affected their vision. Others developed age-related vision issues over time. To better educate veterans and their families, we recently published a guide covering common eye conditions, services and resources available, how the VA assists, and more! Please take a look: myvision.org/guides/veterans-vision-care/

ADDICTION HELP: Division on Addictions is an organization that helps vulnerable Florida residents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol locate proper treatment options. Alcoholism and drug addiction are terrible crises affecting all ages in our communities – from teenagers to senior citizens. Finding treatment facilities that are able to understand the underlying causes of the addiction, and that are able to cure an individual so as to prevent any relapse, is often a very hard task. This is where they come in. They help those in greatest need to find addiction treatment options that are the best for each individual situation. Our services are 100% free. https://www.addictiontreatmentdivision.org/drug-alcohol/florida/